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Meet Me on Monday!

As there are no hot dates in my life at the moment, I thought I’d diversify…

I may have really cocked this up, ‘cos I’m useless with links and stuff, but I think I’m taking part in Meet Me on Monday courtesy of Java on NeverGrowingOld.

It’s a way of us all getting to know each other.

I think.

It may just be a way of worming personal information out of people ‘cos we’re all just really nosy, but here goes:

1.  Do you like your ice cream in a dish, waffle cone, pretzel cone, sugar cone or cake cone?

I’ve got sensitive teeth so the only way I can eat ice cream is in a bowl, all mushed up and melted like baby food. It’s good practice for when I get really old and lose all my teeth.


2.  Do you read the newspaper daily?

Hardly ever. I don’t watch the news, either. Far too depressing   😦 
If I ever come across a paper though, I will read my horoscope. In fact I’ll keeping reading through all the horoscopes until I find one I like!

A ram

Aries, you're gonna have a baaa-d day!

3.  Marinara or meat sauce?

Definitely a meat sauce. I love spag bol and lasagna. Shame we’ve got liver for tea…

Mmm...spag bol!

Oh, yum!

4.  Last time you cried?

Oh God, do I have to answer this one? Sorry, son… It was September 20th 2010 and we’d just taken Eldest son to start uni in Bristol. We unloaded all his crap into his student flat, and when it was time for us to leave, I hugged him, told him I was proud and that I loved him and just made it out of the door! I howled like a big baby all the way down the stairs and all across Bristol town centre to where we’d left the car. My ex and youngest son walked three steps in front, refusing to make eye contact with the mad banshee woman behind. ‘This is more painful than giving birth,’ I wailed. ‘No, it’s not!’ hissed the ex. ‘This time around you’re not breaking my fingers!’
By the time we’d reached Okehampton, I’d been sobbing for about three solid hours.
‘Dad, we have to stop for a drink,’ youngest son urged, sneaking a peek at my prune-like face. ‘Mum needs rehydrating…’

Image by Noah Sussman via Flickr


  5.  What word/phrase do you find really annoying?


Ummm… blank mind…. I can’t stand text-speak, if that counts. I’m fine with lol and other acronyms, but can’t abide seeing mangled messages -‘Ite, m8? wuu2? U n ur g/f in tomoz? kk brb’
Honestly! What is that? What does it mean?!



Grr! by Martin Kingsley



About Tiny Temper

I'm a middle-aged freelance writer living in Cornwall. And no, it's not all sun, sand and steaming pasties. I've been married, done the divorce and accidentally shrunk the tee-shirt.

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  1. Awww, you big softy. Crying when your son went to school. *patting you* You go girl.

    I freaked out when I saw the teeth. I thought they were yours for a minute. Its good you are practicing. Never too early to start that.

    • I know! It’s funny now, but at the time I didn’t think I’d ever be dry again 🙂

      Couldn’t find a picture of slushed up ice cream so went with the teeth instead. It won’t be long, Bernie before I’ve a nice set of gnashers by the side of my bed 😉

  2. You succeeded in linking up! I’m proof since I’m here via Java. Understand the crying experience completely. It gets easier and by the time the last one leaves, you’ll be laughing with glee! And I’m completely with you on the text speak! Drives me nuts!

    • Hi Beverly (not Bev!),

      Phew! I’m so relieved – it took forever and loads of brainpower to do that linky thing!

      I just visited your blog – tried to sign up, but for some reason my computer doesn’t like blogspot – keeps crashing, and won’t let me load any comments or details :-/ Will have to investigate!

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Do you like ice cream being eaten off you? Just curious.

    • Oh, that’s freaky, Mr B! I was just thinking about you *gobsmacked face*

      How was Christmas in London? I take it you’re back in the jungle…

      I can’t cope with ice-cream on my teeth. Anywhere else is fine 😉

  4. Christmas in London was merry, Ms Temper, and I’m glad to say that my gob remained unsmacked, for the most part. I would recommend you apply the ice cream to the warmest part of your body before asking an obliging fellow to lick it off. I could help you take the temperature of any parts you cannot reach.

    • Hmmm…just on my way to bed. Guess what I’ll be dreaming about tonight 😉

      Glad you enjoyed Christmas. I caught up on your posts earlier – still can’t get over the size of that boob. That amount is just plain greedy!

  5. I will be crying as well when my 19 yo finally decides to get his shit together and move out because he hates living here. I’ll be crying TEARS OF JOY! Don’t let the proverbial door hit ya on the way out dear!

    I don’t read the paper either or watch the news, ok, occasionally I’ll watch BBC America. Stateside news is awful (here we go…..).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m subscribing to your blog! Love British humor!

    • Thanks – we have similar humour, and God, you’ve gotta be able to laugh or you’d cry. Even more than when your son leaves home 🙂 Honestly, I thought I was gonna die from the pain! And of course, he’s as happy as a pig in mud, drinking, staying up all night, drinking, visiting strip clubs, drinking… 🙂

  6. Ms Temper.. I’m a bit surprised that the freelance writer in you passes on newsprint…and did you guys stop for a drink after your three hour tearing?


    • You’re right; it is odd. I should be more diligent, but I find the news too distressing. I have a social conscience and do what I can, but I can’t tackle world problems and disasters. Reading the news makes me feel depressed and hopeless about society.

      And yes, we stopped. My ex and youngest son both tackled huge meals. I was, of course, far too traumatised to eat so I just drank a gallon of tea and slept for the rest of the journey! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Doug. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure.

  7. Tiny, I am with you completely on the “TXT SPK”. Simply drives me crazy !

    • Danny!
      I so owe you an e-mail. How are you?

      I was going to say that text-speak is probably a generational thing, but neither of my teenages can stand it either. Maybe because I’ve brought them up to speak proper, like! 🙂

  8. I’m a new follower to your blog through the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop.
    If you get a minute please stop by my blog and read my answers and follow back.

    Have a superb week,

    • Hello Ellie,

      Welcome aboard the SS Disaster. I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

      I will definitely come visit a Little Bit of the Other. Make sure the kettle’s on!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


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