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Meet Me on Monday…

Crikey! I’m loving these blog hops. I just need another seven hours in the day to read ’em all, but apart from that, it’ great!

I don’t know if I explained it last week. Probably ‘cos I don’t really know what I’m doing. It’s too technical for my poor brain. Java on Never Growing Old posts five questions on Monday. I answer these on my blog, and link into a list on her blog. I can then see who else has taken part and hop over to read their blog.

I think.

If I downloaded a linky thing, the list would then appear on my blog, and you could check out their blogs!

I think.

Okay, I have a headache, now…

1 What is your favourite kind of fudge?

Mmmm…fudge… I love any kind, but I suppose my favourite has to be made with clotted cream. Especially if it’s covered in chocolate. It’s all made in Cornwall, you see, and I do feel a certain obligation to support Cornish industry…


Image by Semarr via Flickr

2 Is there snow outside your window?

Nope! We had flurries of it at the end of last year, but the weather’s been sunny and spring-like all week. 

Of course, now I’ve pulled out the camera, it’s clouding over…

Ye Olde Cornish Tin Mine Chimney

Ye Olde Cornish Tin Mine Chimney...

3 What is your favourite meal of the day?

Dinnertime! I don’t eat breakfast (unless biscuits count) and lunch is for re-fuelling, but the evening meal’s the biggie! I love roast dinners or lasagna or pork chops, mash and loads of veg and gravy. Yum! Let’s hear it for cholesterol!

Roast dinner

Image by Gene Hunt via Flickr

4 Do you text on your cell phone?

Well, kind of… in my own s-l-o-w way. Have to go predictive as well – can’t stand pressing buttons for twenty minutes, missing the letter you want and having to start all over again…. Although predictive’s not perfect; it doesn’t seem to recognise sweary words. The amount of times I’ve texted a ‘ducking’ expletive!


But it's so much fun! by Ford

5 Waffles or pancakes?

Ooh, it’s a toughie… pancakes, I think. With toffee sauce and lumps of bananas. Or melted chocolate. Or strawberries, drizzled with honey. Not fussy, really!
And they’re so much fun to make – even the dog ends up wearing one!


Mmm...pancakes... by Daquella Manera


About Tiny Temper

I'm a middle-aged freelance writer living in Cornwall. And no, it's not all sun, sand and steaming pasties. I've been married, done the divorce and accidentally shrunk the tee-shirt.

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  1. Hello
    Just visiting via MMOM. Hope you have a lovely week, feel free to hop over and say hi.
    Helen x

    • Hi Helen,
      Nice to meet you Will definitely hop over to you – a crafty kind of truffle? brilliant name and I’m already intrigued!
      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment 🙂

  2. Yours is the second post on which I’ve read about clotted cream fudge! Am now very curious and wonder if we can find in the US? Love your blog and now following!

    kelly (aka meow spoken here)

    • Hi Kelly,

      Clotted cream fudge really is the dog’s whatsits – wonder if I could ship some over?

      Thanks for following – I’ll be paying a visit your way later today. I need more hours in the day! 🙂

    • On Clotted Cream fudge: maybe some of the Cornish communities in the US sell it? They do seem to have a version of pasties over there.

      Tiny, I cannot text using predictive as it never comes up with what I want to say. I’m really fast at texting with it off though.

      • They might well do, Em. It’s not just a Cornish delicacy, is it? I bet you could ship it – fudge lasts for ages. Well, theoretically it lasts for ages… doesn’t seem to in this house, though! 🙂

        Predictive can be unpredictable, especially when you’re swearing! One word I use quite a bit – can’t even remember what it is now- comes up as ‘cabbage’. Always have to look out for that one! 🙂

  3. You’re hilarious and I love your blog!!!

    …don’t know about that chocolate covered clotted cream though 😀

    • Aww, thanks! God gave some women beauty. He gave others big boobs. Me? I got humour! 🙂

      And really, clotted cream fudge is the best – creamy and smooth, not sickly sweet – just sweet enough to slide down… mmm… fudge! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting. Looking forward to repaying the visit later today!

  4. Hi kiddo. I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only one who is at least a little blog hop challenged. If I screw it up much more people are going to think I need a seat on the little bus. I love the name of your blog.

    • Hello Bodacious Lady – have seen you on Mr Banana’s Japing Ape blog. Gosh! We’re almost a community 🙂

      And all this blog hopping technology – way too much for me. I read the instructions, but I may as well be reading Russian! Takes me ages just to get a link to work 🙂

      Still, it’s good to be challenged … 😉 Thanks for commenting. Will repay the visit sometime today.

  5. ROFL! I love your ” ‘ducking’ explitives”! It’s nice to meet you – I just had to come check out your blog when I saw the name of it. Glad to have found you throught MOMM! Stop by if you find the time:

    • Hello Alicia,
      Nice to meet you, too! Yes, I’m old and cynical when it comes to men, I’m afraid 🙂 Have you ever tried internet dating? It’s an experience worse than marriage … *shudders*

      I will definitely hop over to you sometime today! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. That old Cornish Tin Mine Chimney is very erect, isn’t it? How do you suppose it’s managed to stay up all these years?

    • That chimney’s right outside my kitchen window, you know. Well, it is if I crane a bit to the right… Can you see the hutch in the photo? That’s my next-door neighbour’s ferret. He’s quite a sweetie – I did have a little stroke of him once ( the ferret, not the neighbour…)

      And it is a splendid erection, isn’t it? The ladies from the local Womens’ Institute are responsible for maintenance. Once a week, on a Monday, just as dawn’s breaking, they all convene at the base of the chimney, whip off their woolly jumpers and tweed skirts and dance naked for approximately twenty minutes. It’s an old Cornish custom, you see, and it’s kept that stack perfectly erect for the last two-hundred years.

  7. Hi, I love the name of your blog…I saw you on the blog hop…I come to you from TrulySimplyPink


    • Hi Pinkim!

      Nice to meet you! My bedroom’s truly pink as well – we have something in common – we could be friends! 🙂

      Will hop over for a visit sometime today. Thanks for commenting!

  8. What the heck is clotted cream? I just think blood clots. *shudder*
    Toffee sauce on pancakes? Now that sounds yummy and not so scary. I’m so proud of you for doing the hops! You go girl!

    • I’m trying, mummy, I’m trying! I just need another seven hours in the day to read all the other blogs! 🙂

      Clotted cream – it’s creamy, thick and delicious. Sweet but not sickly. Add a dollop to a mince pie. Or ice cream. Or piled with jam on top of a scone. Yummy, really. I’ll try and find a picture!


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