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Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun #7

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Yay! It’s Friday and time to link up with Hilary from Feeling Beachie and her co-host Kipp from Kipps Version  for our weekly Friday Fill-In Fun!

Each week Hilary posts four statements with blanks for us to fill in our answers. I’m also going to attempt to add the linky. But just remember I’m techno-crap; I’m accepting no responsibility if you press the button and end up

If you want to join in –  and why wouldn’t you? – please follow both hosts and add your name to the porn site linky. Also, visit Hilary if you’d like to submit two statements to be added to the next hop!

1. My favourite kitchen secret is disabling the smoke alarm. That way I can flambé in peace and it doesn’t disturb the neighbours. Or the neighbourhood dogs. My second secret is strategically placed scented candles or particularly potent joss sticks. This helps mask the stench of burnt flesh create a beautiful, calm cooking ambience.      


Joss sticks, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai

Image via Wikipedia


 2. Raspberry meringue is my favourite flavour of ice-cream.Yum! ADSA do a wonderful version – it’s creamy with crunchy meringue pieces and oodles of raspberry sauce.      


raspberry ice cream 2

Image by chotda via Flickr

3. My favourite pair of jeans finally wore out! I was gutted; those jeans were awesome – stretchy, soft and shaped. (I always wear bootleg jeans; the flare at the bottom of my legs helps balance the size of my arse. I look more hour-glass than butternut-squash shaped.) They came from New Look, fitted me perfectly and were just so comfy. When they wore through on the knee, I pretended it was trendy. When they wore just just under my right butt cheek, I patched them with bright pink material. I wore them like this for about a two years ’til the denim became as thin as tissue paper and the strain of my mammoth-sized arse proved just too much for the patch. Jeans, I’ll always love you…

Love Jeans

Image by madhavaji via Flickr


 4. If only I could have just one more boink. I’m at a sexual peak, for God’s sake – that stage just before the menopause when a woman’s hormones scream, ‘Boink me! Boink me, now! Before it’s too late! Before my body withers and wrinkles and I start smelling like moth balls and cat wee! Is it too much to ask for? Just one more wild, abandoned, hot and sweaty session of screaming animal sex?!
Oh, Jason, where are you when I need you?


Image via Wikipedia

Okay, hold your breath – I’m going for the linky…

Okay, having problems with the linky… Hmm… Watch this space; I WILL NOT be defeated!


About Tiny Temper

I'm a middle-aged freelance writer living in Cornwall. And no, it's not all sun, sand and steaming pasties. I've been married, done the divorce and accidentally shrunk the tee-shirt.

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  1. Oh, Tiny,
    this was great.
    who the hell is Jason.
    I love him!!! 🙂

  2. I had such amazing and wonderful things to say, then I saw Jason. Kind of like a deer in the headlights now. *lol*
    Yes, its good to cover the smell of burning flesh. One doesn’t want the neighbors to pop over or call the police.
    I had a moment of silence here in Montana for your jeans.

    • I know! *squeals!* I’m doing a post on The Mechanic next week (am soo behind – still have award posts to do). You’ve gotta watch it; he gets down to his Calvin Kleins in the first five minutes *swoon* 🙂

      What can I say about my cooking? One day there really will be a fire and the neighbours’ll just think, ‘Oh, she’s cooking again!’

      Thank-you for the jeans moment *sniff*

  3. Um, not only did you have some issues with the linky, you never linked up. I will add you to the list… Don’t you sometimes hate computers! Sorry, but your #4 made me chuckle… We flambé but never thought to disable the fire alarm. Good one!

  4. Wow … I think I love you.
    I too also dream of the nights with a Jason Statham. Perhaps after a crazy kung fu match and he’s all sweaty. And bombs are blasting in the difference.
    This isn;’t helping huh?

    I so could get you that boink! Not by me obviously …

    • Oh, sweaty…Yes! Unshaven and ever so slighty out of breath, with that testosterone fuelled bad-boy glint in his eyes just as he’s about to kick the crap out of sevemteen baddies… Nope! You’re not helping at all! 😀

      I so want that boink! Not by you, obviously… 😉


    I live in jeans and recently my favorite pair got a hole in them, which is very trendy these days, but not for a middle aged mom. So I’ll patch them. Or make a pair of shorts out of them.

    Jason is s-weet! But not as sweet as my Jeremy! heeheeheehee……..

    • It’s yummy, really!

      It’s funny how you get a favourite pair of jeans, so comfy you’ll wear them ’til they disintegrate. It broke my heart throwing mine away and I haven’t found a decent pair since!

      I’m gonna have to do a Jeremy post just for you! 🙂

  6. Another great post…I can always count on you!!! thanks…Can’t we all relate to the Jeans…and maybe to the boink also…

    • Lol! I hope it’s not just me that’s suffering boink-wise! 🙂 I see really gross couples having babies, and I think, ‘God, they’ve been bonking! I must be really bloody butt ugly not to catch a sniff once in a while! 🙂

  7. I love your answer to #4! Haha!
    So glad to be a new follower from the hop! I hope you’ll come over to follow me as well. 🙂

  8. Hilarious responses!……………….Oh, sorry for the delay- I was back up looking at Jason. LOL

  9. Yeah, my favorite jeans are a lost cause – but I just refuse to get rid of them! They’re in the back of the drawer, taking up space… maybe someday?

    And I can’t wait for menopause!!! After having little guy, I KNOW what all that boinking can lead to – even when you’re VERY careful! While a nice screaming roll in the hay can be desirable, I just need to look over at my little angel having a fit and I know that the 30 seconds of “fun” isn’t worth it (that’s all it takes for most guys, right?! LOL)

    • Favourite jeans become best friends, don’t they? I was gutted to throw mine out, but there was more hole to them than denim by the end. Not a great look for me, I found!

      30 seconds of fun – LMAO! You’re great! Actually, that’d just be my luck – first bonk in a decade and I’d fall pregnant – noooooooooo! 😀

  10. OMG!! I am twitterpated, and Jason is hot too. But seriously, you have ice cream with Marange in it over there?!?! Is the house next to you for sale? I think I am moving to where the great ice cream is!!! 😉 Jason was in one of my all time top the charts favorite movies “The Italian Job” and I think I have had a crush on him ever since then… it warm in here or is it just me? 😉

    • Twitterpated? I love it! 🙂

      Jason is smokin’ and I have a neat post coming up about him *swoon* I loved the Italian Job as well! *double swoon* It’s steaming hot in here! 😀

  11. Oh Tiny, we are jean twins! Love your answers as always.

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