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Nine Men I Wouldn’t Kick out of Bed for Eating Crisps and One for Irene!

I’m linking up with Nina on Brush Up On Your Reading today for a post called Ten Good Things on Monday. It’s all about listing ten great that make you happy – favourite meals, fabulous books, must-see films – anything that that makes you perky! I probably won’t be allowed back because I’ve chosen to feature my personal list of Sex Gods (and one of Irene’s!)

        1.  Jason Statham ~ I could never mention hunky men without featuring JS. Apart from being knicker-twitchingly gorgeous, he’s starred in some of my favourite films – The Expendables, The Mechanic and The Crank and Transporter movies. 


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       2. Heath Ledger ~ I loved him in A Knight’s Tale…  All that determination and knightly behaviour, and his pecs aren’t half bad, either…       



(* 4. April 1979 in Perth, Western Australia, ...

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      3. Mel Gibson ~ yeah, yeah, I know he’s a bit of a knob and he’s had bad publicity, but he’s still bleedin’ gorgeous, and let’s face it, this isn’t a list about sparkling intellect or wonderful personalities; I’m talking pure rumpy-pumpy value.

Mel Gibson's mugshot from his 28 July 2006 arr...

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        4. Jon Bon Jovi~ but only with the hair. He definately lost some phwoar factor when he chopped off his locks

          5. Johnny Depp ~ oh, yum! He’s got that mean, moody appeal and Cap’n Jack Sparrow is one of my all-time favourite film characters.

Johnny Depp at the Pirates of the Caribbean: D...

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            6. Jeremy Clarkson ~ Britsh TV programme Top Gear presenter with a scathing sense of humour. This one’s for Irene who absolutely lurves him…

Jeremy Clarkson at AutoItalia Stanford Hall 20...

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        7. Richard Hammond ~ my personal favourite of The Top Gear team – he’s just soo adorable! I mean, just look at those twinkly, flirty eyes – cuter than a puppy and less carpet pooping.

Picture of Richard Hammond, on the set of Top ...

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      8. Robbie Williams ~ Whatever ‘it’ is, Robbie has it. Gorgeous, funny, vulnerable and brutally honest about his troubled life. I saw Robbie in concert at Knebworth in 2003 and it was amazing -the sound of 125,000 people all singing Angels was just mind-blowing.

The Best So Far (Robbie Williams album)

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         9. Ronan Keating ~ lead-singer with Boyzone, and couldn’t you just ruffle your fingers through his hair and tear his shirt off?

Songs for My Mother

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        10. Richard Gear ~ One of the few guys around who become more mouth-wateringly tasty as they mature. Richard’s been in two of my all-time favourite mushy films – An Officer and a Gentleman and Pretty Women. What a delectable piece of arse!  🙂

Richard Gere

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Yummy, yum yum! Hope you’ve enjoyed drooling as much as I have!
Thanks, Nina, and I hope I haven’t lowered the tone of your blog hop too much….

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I'm a middle-aged freelance writer living in Cornwall. And no, it's not all sun, sand and steaming pasties. I've been married, done the divorce and accidentally shrunk the tee-shirt.

26 responses »

  1. Jon Bon Jovi~ but only with the hair!!!!
    I am drooling… not only is Jon hot as hell…
    but he’s a humanitarian & smart & loyal to his wife. WHAT A TURN ON!
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yeah, Baaaaby.

  2. Very nice specimens…very nice indeed!

  3. Oooo goodness nothing but great reminders!!
    I agree with Jason Statham and Mel Gibson very much.
    Damn.. its so hot in here!

  4. That list certainly wouldn’t be complete without Ronan. 🙂

  5. bon jovi and johnny depp YES!!!!!

    • Mmm! Aren’t they hot? I much prefer jon with longer hair though… Between you and me, I think he looks a bit gay now he’s had it chopped off! Crikey! I hope he’s not reading this… 🙂

  6. One of the hops I do asked who I would like to go on a celebrity date with today and I REALLY wanted to say Christian Kane from Leverage, but I am about 10 years older than him so I thought that would probably look to wierd, it may even have gotten me listed in your last post. 😉 Very nice pecks errrr I mean pokes, errrr PICKS indeed!!

  7. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Hmmm, #1 = Yummy, #9 = OMG, why am I not familiar with this one? he’s adorable!

    As for #3, my dear soon to be ex friend ……. ick …. ick…..ick ……

    No judgement, of course 😉

    • Mmm…Jason *swoon* Ronan’s in the Irish group Boyzone and is also a solo singer – I bet your nice friend Irish Guy would know him. 😉 Check him out – Ronan, that is – his voice is as sexy as the rest of him 🙂

      Who was number 3? Mel Gibson? A bit slimy now, but he was hot as hell in Lethal weapon IMHO. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t de-friend me. I promise not to mention him again 🙂

  8. OK, first of all, I’m using “knicker-twitchingly” the very next time the opportunity comes up in a conversation!

    I really don’t know who most of these guys are. Um, Mel Gibson was hot back during the old Lethal Weapon days. I’m going to guess that you had a major thing for Paul McCartney at some point in your life? The number 7 guy has those same sad puppy-dog eyes. BUT – I totally agree on the Jon Bon Jovi and Johnny Depp – YUM! They both have to have their long hair though. WTF was in Bon Jovi’s head when he got his hair whacked off?! He’s … just ick.

    • 🙂 I got sick of all that hearts and roses shit – just gimme hot men! 😀

      Paul McCartney? What makes you think that? Is it the Really Old Men angle? lol!

      Number 7? Richard Hammond is cute, not exactly throw-you-over-his-shoulder toughman, but cute and flirty. As for Jon BJ – I know! When he had his hair cut, he went from smoking hot to poofy-tepid!

  9. That’s quite a list you have! It made me recall this HUGE crush I had on Robbie Williams. And Jon Bon Jovi’s eyes – to die for! I liked Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. Thank you for sharing your good – and sexy – things!

    Don’t worry, this feature is open to everyone and everything, you can keep doing this list all you want 😀

    Brush Up On Your Reading

    • Yay! Thanks, Nina – was afraid you’d say, ‘Bugger off my hop, you sex-fiend!’

      Oh, Robbie – don’t know what it is, but there’s something so appealing about him… And Yummy Bon Jovi – with the hair. Knight’s Tale was my favourite Heath Ledger film – that scene where he’s naked in bed, injured and Lady Whatshername comes in… PHWOAR! Talk about muscles! 🙂

      See you next week – if not before! 🙂

  10. Awwww Bless your heart. I think at this point, any man could eat crackers in your bed. Hell a whole thanksgiving dinner and get it all over your bed and you wouldn’t care.*teasing*

  11. oh my, I may need to get a room…..

    • Just yum, eh? Jason’s gotta be my favourite – goodness, the things I could do to that man in a dark room… *needs cold shower*

      Thanks for stopping over! Will return the visit shortly 🙂


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