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10 Good Things on Monday…

I must apologise – sorry, sorry, sorry – for not reading any blog posts for a few days – I’ve been so busy, I’m all behind with the fun stuff. I went to a Creative Writing workshop on Saturday – I have to just share this with you – we all tried Automatic Writing (meditation, putting pen to paper and allowing a ‘higher force’ to guide the words – could be God, Spirit, or your subconscious mind, depending on your beliefs). Well, most of us had squiggles to show for it, but Diane, the lady next to me, had three lines of perfectly formed  letters – but written backwards! We all crowded into the ladies and shoved her paper up against the mirror – it read: ‘Hello. I am here writing.’ Wow!
We all stampeded back to our tables, determined to find hidden messages in our scrawl. Eldest son suddenly yelled, ‘Mum! Look! You’ve written LOL backwards!’   😀
Am I deeply philosophical, or what?

Anyway, moving onto today’s post where I’m linking up with Nina on Brush Up On Your Reading for 10 Good Things on Monday, and this time I’ve chosen my ten most-loved books:

       1.Wuthering Heights ~ Emily Brontë

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Probably my all-time favourite novel – it’s about love, passion and tragedy on the Yorkshire Moors – a once-in-a-lifetime, all compassing love that transcends the grave. A bit like me and Jase…   😉

      2. One Day ~ David Nicholls

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It’s the 15th of July 1988. Emma and Dexter spend their graduation night together. The next day, they must go their separate ways. David Nicholls tells their story on this one day every year for the next thirty years. I love this book! My favourite quote: ‘You’re gorgeous, you old hag, and if I could give you just one gift ever for the rest of your life it would be this. Confidence. It would be the gift of confidence, Either that or a scented candle.’

         3. Dear John ~ Nicholas Sparks

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Get your tissues out, girlies, this one broke my hardened, cynical little heart. Can love survive long-distance and the pressure of professional duty? Be warned: the book’s far more emotional than the film!

        4. Insomnia ~ Steven King

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I’m pretty much in love with anything Stephen King writes, but I particularly love this one. It’s all about pensioner Ralph suddenly developing insomnia, yet as he needs less and less sleep, his mind becomes sharper. And then the hallucinations start – dun, dun, dunnnn – the colours, shapes and strange auras. Needless to say, there’s an evil force afoot, and Ralph must play the hero and save the world!

         5. Spanky ~ Christopher Fowler

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Martyn Ross has a miserable life until he meets Spanky – his very own personal demon. Spanky makes Martyn’s wishes come true, but is Martyn prepared to pay the cost for such hedonistic pleasures? Really tight, witty writing with a story premise that explores the deeper issues of mankind, it’s a favourite, folks, it’s a classic!

       6. Blacklands ~ Belinda Bauer 

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A chilling psychological drama set on Exmoor. Twelve-year-old Steven Lamb’s uncle disappeared as a child, and the family are still grieving. Everyone believes he was murdered by Arnold Avery and then buried on the moors. Steven decides to contact the child-killer, hoping to discover the whereabouts of his uncle’s remains… A fantastic story full of intrigue and suspense as we’re taken into the minds of both a small boy and a manipulative serial killer.

         7. Hot Six ~ Janet Evanovitch

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Stephanie Plum is a blonde, sassy bounty hunter who keeps her gun in a cookie jar. Part six of a series that is outrageously, laugh-out-loud funny. This one starts off with: ‘Okay, so here’s the thing. My mother’s worst fear has come true. I’m a nymphomaniac. I lust after a lot of men. Of course, maybe that’s because I don’t actually have sex with any. And some of my lustings probably aren’t going anywhere. Probably it’s unrealistic to think I’ll ever get it on with Mike Richter, the goalie for the New York Rangers. Ditto Indiana Jones.’
I just love, worship and adore this woman: when I grow up, I wanna be Stephanie Plum.

        8. Where Rainbows End ~ Cecelia Ahern

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 Aww, another we-can’t-quite-our-acts-together romance, but this one’s funny and touching. Rosie and Alex are naughty seven-year-old friends, then rebellious teenagers and finally, fully fledged adults. They nurture their friendship through misspelled notes in school, e-mails, postcards and misplaced, emotional love-letters. Will these two ever get it together?

        9. Play Dead ~ Harlan Coben 

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I love, love, love this author and his clever plots and twists, always creating intrigue and suspense. I’ve chosen Play Dead because it’s the only one of his books where I’ve been able to work out whodunnit! Yay! Go, me! Laura Ayers is on her honeymoon when her new hubby drowns in the sea. Was it an accident? Or suicide? Or –gasp! – murder! A whole conspiracy plot evolves as Coben drip-feeds us clues and red-herrings.

        10. Pride and Prejudice ~ Jane Austin

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Do I need to say anything about Pride and Prejudice? An all-time classic featuring the wonderful Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy, and let’s face it, we all need a Mr Darcy in our lives *sigh*   😉

Thanks, Nina, for hosting!


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I'm a middle-aged freelance writer living in Cornwall. And no, it's not all sun, sand and steaming pasties. I've been married, done the divorce and accidentally shrunk the tee-shirt.

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  1. Spanky sounds so interesting. I’ll definitely have to see if I can find that one somewhere!

  2. Grey Goose, Dirty

    How dare you have a life outside of the blogosphere! 😉 I missed you!

    • It’s not much of a life tbh – I seem to be chasing around, working, helping, ferrying kids to parties and sleepovers, disappearing up my own arse, really!
      I missed you too – I must try to catch up on my reading in the next couple of days – who am I trying to kid? Working today and tomorrow and organising Eldest to get back to uni. *sigh*

  3. That Blacklands has got my attention.. I might just have to give that a go. Harlan Coben is brilliant.
    I stopped reading Steven King years ago after overdosing maybe I should start again?

  4. Oh, for fun!! Good for you for taking a workshop. Thank you for the book suggestions. There are a few that I think I might want to read on my Kindle.
    I too want to be Stephanie Plum!! I love those books.

  5. ~~~~~~A Writing Workshop. FUN! Havene’t been to one
    of those for ages.
    “Pride and Prejudice” is most definetely on my list.

    • It was fun, but I was surrounded by people who write ‘poetry’ and terribly evocative prose (said in posh accent). I’m more of an ‘Oops! I dropped another bollock’ kind of gal 🙂 XX

  6. Oh love, love, LOVE the Stephanie Plum series! I have tried to read Wuthering Heights and just can’t do it. I spend more time with a dictionary looking stuff up than actually reading. The workshop sounded like fun!

    • Yep, Stephanie Plum is my heroine, and Lula – I just love Lula!!
      I always skip the words I don’t understand in WH – that way it reads like a short story 🙂

  7. Grey Goose, Dirty

    re: #2, did you ever see the movie ‘Same Time Next Year’ with Alan Alda and Ellyn Burstyn? The book sounds just like the movie.

    And damn if I didn’t just date myself …… ooopsie, I mean my mother told me the movie was good … 😉

  8. Some of them are my favorite books ever!!! :X
    I love your blog 😀

    • Yay! Thanks, Wimpy Girl – great name, that, by the way. Glad to have you around, but I’m not posting a huge amount at the moment, and what I am posting, is whiney moans about my health! I’ll be over to check out your blog soon! 🙂

  9. It’s ok, trust me! On my blog, I’m pretty much whining about my boring life 🙂


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