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Every name tells a story. Unfortunately…


Searching for The One...


Okay, I’ve chosen a site, written a sparkling profile and uploaded a not-too-awful looking photo. Now it’s time to hit the search button and go find My One True Love.  

*An interestink hour passes*  

Hmmm…well, there are hundreds of (supposedly) single men on here. And most of them have only one head. Always a bonus, I find. Let’s see…there’s TimmyTantrum. I’ll be giving him a miss, I think. And there’s Jolly Jimmy, although I fail to see how anyone could be particularly jolly with that much dental decay…  Oh, and Mr Wowe who’s obviously a modest chap, and yep, there’s his little brother IAmFunDate4U – this should, of course, be pronounced in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice for maximum comic relief. 

Dear God! I’ve just found a Bottom Dweller! What a thing to advertise! And here’s Rootbeaver and his wingman Muffsnuffler 😀 

Just goes to show, romance is still alive and snuffling in Cornwall! 

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