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Love me More, Blogosphere…

Yay! My second award came from Irene at  The Soapbox. It’s The Incredibly Sweet Blog Award. How cool is that?

I love Irene ‘cos she has a wicked sense of humour and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Her blog posts always have me laughing out loud, or, as I like to call it – lolling.

For this one I must share 5 facts about myself:

  • I’m a whizz with power tools: I’ve made all my own bookcases, shelving units, picture frames and garden planters. They’re all a bit wonkey, but I prefer to think of it as character… 😉
  • Like Bernie, I have one of those faces. Complete strangers love to tell me stuff I really don’t need to hear! My favourite story came from a 70-odd-year-old woman outside our local hospital. I sat down next to her to make a phone call, and before I even had a chance to dial the number, she was halfway through the story of her husband’s  impotence problems. Poor soul was gutted because she wasn’t getting any, and was on the verge of leaving hubby to find a younger man! Was I gobsmacked? I think so! 

Image by rosefirerising via Flickr

  • A couple of years ago I threw a mega tantrum in the street because my boys wouldn’t stop bickering or poking each other. I laid down and started punding my fists and feet on the pavement – all the time, wailing, ‘It’s not fair! I’m sick of this! Waaaaaahhhhh!’ The boys nearly died of embarrassment – especially when one of their teachers tried to squeeze past me!
    It shut ’em up, though…  😉 

Image by demandaj via Flickr

  • I’m currently co-writing a pantomime with a friend. We’ve thrown together a load of fairytale characters, each on a quest for something different. I desperately want to play the lecherous ugly sister, but I don’t think I can co-manage and be on stage.
    Also, I’ve never actually acted before. I may just take one look at the audience and poo myself… 
Ugly Sister

Image by Auntie P via Flickr

  •  None of last year’s summer clothes will fit me! *shocked face* We’ve been having some gorgeous warm weather (blink and you’ll miss it – those five days were probably the whole of our glorious British summer) and I tried to put on a pair of three-quarter length trousers. Gasp! Horror! There was a good five inches of gap between the button and the button-hole! I tried yanking – nope! I tried breathing in – nope! Lying down – nope! Pliers – nope! Arrgghhhh! I think it’s because I’ve been so worn out and for a quick energy boost, I’ve been stuffing chocolate. And biscuits. And cake. And Kit-Kats… Oops!

Thanks, Irene 🙂  Now to pass on The Incredibly Sweet Blog Award:

  •  What Would Jen Do? – she’s interesting, funny and hosts the most wonderful Shirtless Friday posts…
  • Truly Simply Pink – purely for being so PINK! And cool! And having a cute cat!!
  • It’s Own Sweet Will – I’ve just discovered Lisa’s blog, and it’s funny! She has a fab sense of humour!

Hope you’ve enjoyed, and will visit my awardees and show these gals some bloggy love!

The Things We Find Inside


Show me Love, Blogosphere…

Irene from The Soapbox is dead right when she says that some blogs receive accolades from being featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed homepage, and others receive it from their subscribers. We all know which mention means more.

There’s a  lot of controversy about ‘online friendships’: critics say we’re all pathetic sadsacks who have no social skills, and spend their lives hiding behind computer screens because we’re too scared to go out in the world and form ‘real’ relationships. Well I say, Bollocks! That’s just internet dating!

I’ve ‘met’ some great people through blogging and other social networking sites – people I now call friends, and my life is richer for it. I say, Thanks, mates, for all your support, your love, your humour, conversation and for each and every photo of hot, half-naked guy you’ve ever posted!

To have two – yes, two! – awards in the same weekend was just stupendously awesome! (See how I blended the English ‘stupendous’ with the American ‘awesome’ ? I know how to integrate cultures and promote World Peace.)

Alicia over on McCrenshaw’s Newest Thoughts gave me The Stylish Blogger Award and I’m honoured to receive it a second time. Does this make me doubly stylish? I love Alicia’s blog – she’s so fresh and writes with a gentle humour that always makes me smile.

To accept this award, I must share seven things about myself:

  • I swear way too much, but I guess you’ve already noticed that one…   😉
  • I love colour – the brighter the better – it’s so stimulating and invigorating. My bedroom is currently painted fucshia-pink and turquoise, and I love it! I once had to spend three months in a rented house that was wall-to-wall magnolia, and I was suicidal by the time we had to leave!
My bedroom

Hmm... is this why I can't find a man?

  • I hate having my photo taken; I always end up looking absolutely gormless – either my eyes are half-closed or rolling like I’m stoned, or my gob’s hanging open like I’ve lost my brain! I hate, loathe and detest it with a passion!
  • I hold ‘grudges’ for years – not in a childish I’ll-Make-You-Sorry! kind of way, but if someone acts so badly, abusing my friendship or my trust so much, I just cut them out of my life. I don’t have the inclination, nor the energy to waste on dishonourable people. And don’t think it’s one strike and you’re out, I’m talking about repeated disrespectful behaviour. 
I Walk Away

Image via Wikipedia

  • I believe in love and fairytale Happy Endings – just not for me. I truly think I’m supposed to live my life alone. And unloved, discarded by society, thrown away like a flaccid, used condom… (Aren’t you glad I’m not adding a photo to this one!   🙂  )
  • My great ambition was to write romantic comedy novels, until one day, my uni tutor  said, ‘You  can do funny, love, but you truly suck at telling  stories!’
    Hey, don’t sit on that fence, mister, say what you really feel… 

Image by Enokson via Flickr

  • Finally, I’ve got quite  a ‘thing’ about bald men – all that smooth, silky skin that only you, as a girlfriend, get to touch. It’s so intimate, so sexy! Well, from what I can remember, of course…

Thank you, Alicia! Now to pass on the award to bloggers I haven’t featured before:

Danny Llama – Dan travels all over the world and tells some fascinating stories!

Freaky Frugalite – Rebecca posts about all sorts of stuff and it’s always interesting and funny!

Marina Sleeps – I’m new to this one, but I love her! She has a great sense of humour and says it the way it is!

Pretty Fly For a Blind Guy – another one with wicked humour, but he needs to post more often! Hint, hint!

Talia – a brand new blog set up by Vicki – it’s a taster for a new women’s fashion magazine and somebody quite gorgeous and talented will be writing a column for it. Oh, and I will be, too! Would be great if you could hop over  and show some bloggy-lurve.

Gosh! A second  Award tomorrow! 🙂

Stylish Blogger Awards!

Yay! And here we are again – Stylish Blogger Awards: Round Two!

New awardees are asked to do the following:

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you this award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers the Stylish Blogger Award.
4. Contact them and let them know!

Annnndddd I award the Stylish Blogger Award to:

  • antithetical ~ Lee has a wonderful sense of humour and outlook on life – check out her post on Children!
  • ellen’s guide to bad internet dating  ~ I so admire her perseverance and dedication to finding Mr Right, and she has a great sense of humour. Go, Grey Goose!
  • the japing ape  ~ my favourite ape! I luff you, Mr B! More loltastic humour coming from the Congo, and also, some mild pornography   😉
  • my not so fictional life ~ Em always gives me something serious to think about – today it’s waste disposal issues in foggy Cornwall.
  • wise little owls  ~ lovely Vicki writes about fashion and design. Her posts are full of enthusiasm and colour – oh, to be young again!

I’m still checking out new blogs and loving everything I read, but today I’m just choosing five – if I go for the full fifteen, I’ll still be writing this post in July!

A special mention for the Soapbox – Irene really makes me laugh and we both have truckers’ mouths – whatever that means…      😉     Check out her great post today on Sexism – it’s not what you’d expect! I’m unofficially adding her to my list as she already holds the award.

I’m making new friends and having a great time blogging – thanks, everyone, for your friendliness, humour and great conversation!

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